Joan Sullivan-Cooper for City Council

“In our fervor to recreate New London, we have often sacrificed the character and charm that makes the city so unique. Yet we have a great opportunity to preserve our urban landscape and redevelop our vacant land into vibrant, mixed-use neighborhoods.”


The New London I grew up in was a city of diverse neighborhoods. Over the years, I’ve watched many of them bulldozed as a result of ill-advised projects that have eroded our tax base and forced people out of their homes. The price for these misguided urban makeovers has been a hefty one, both personally and economically.But we also have much progress to be proud of—art galleries sprouting throughout downtown, the ever-growing music scene, the Food Stroll, Save Ocean Beach, restoration and new construction in the downtown—all examples of what makes our city shine.

New Londoners have ushered in a new era by voting to replace our long-held city manager form of government with an elected mayor. I’m excited about the possibilities that lie ahead in our small but vibrant city.  As a life-long New Londoner, I’m ready to, as the saying goes, put my money where my mouth is by running for City Council.

I am committed to:

Ensuring that future development projects protect the city’s residents and taxpayers, and preserve the historic character of our neighborhoods.Promoting community-based development in Fort Trumbull so that New London residents have an opportunity to invest.

Encouraging community input on the use of our city’s public spaces.

Preserving Riverside Park, unchanged over the centuries and beautiful in its natural state. Selling the central portion to the Federal Government would leave us the outer crust, a narrow, rocky ledge of land. This land was a gift to the city and should remain so!
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