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  • Doug has been building election process skills and experience since 2012.  Certified statewide as a certified Election Moderator since 2014.   For 6 years now Doug has worked in the 16 town NECCOG region as a state certified Regional Election Monitor assisting Registrars in several towns of eastern Connecticut.
  • Active 6 years with the Registrar of Voters CT Association (ROVAC) Technology Committee.
  • 43% of Connecticut's voters are not affiliated with the two major parties. The most common voter affiliation is unaffiliated, far more than the Democrats or Republicans.
  • Support candidates and change in the election process for Registrar of Voters. The two party system supports two parties, not the full width of our democracy.
  • Support evolution of Registrar of Voters role from current model, where each of the two major parties is assured a Registrar, to a professionalized role less party-centric, more like the Town Clerks, or the Probate Judges who work in regions.
  • Support efforts to register new voters, and keep voters' registration data up to date. The Registrars already work with the Post Office and DMV, but should also reach out via the schools and landlords so that new and moved voters are more likely to learn how to update motor vehicle and voter registrations, and learn where to vote based on their new address.
  • Support experiments in data sharing between states (such as ERIC) to cope with highly mobile population of modern America. In Connecticut we're likely to know where you moved if you update your driver's license, but if you leave the state or don’t maintain driver's license data, multiple towns may have you registered simultaneously, increasing costs for each town.
  • Seek more complete and timely data entry for election history (this influences which voters get dropped from lists – important in towns with high turnover in population, such as college towns like Windham).
  • Seek periodic review of data quality (standardize spellings of streets and postal town names for addresses, zip+4 review, missing fields). Voter data in Connecticut often has low quality (typos, nonstandard abbreviations, and deferred entry of changes) after many years of under-budgeted, under-scheduled Registrars' offices.
  • A more robust approach to data, and a budget sufficient to serve voters and candidates well, is overdue in Windham. Doug Lary can bring additional office and data skills to the Windham Registrar of Voters Office.


  • In Connecticut the two major parties are both assured a Registrar in each CT town. Sure there is a vote, and the top two candidates win, but if either of the two parties with the greatest statewide registrations is not among those top two, then the major party candidates are also seated as Registrar. In practice this has meant that most towns, like Windham, have a Registrar for the sizable party in town, another Registrar for a party that is significant across the state but much smaller in town, and no Registrar is selected from the unaffiliated or minor party voters even though they commonly far outnumber the smaller of the two major parties in town.
  • The Democrat can't lose. The Republican can't lose. That two-party system is difficult to run against. Votes for the two major party candidates have no bearing on the outcome – their seats are secure. The only impact that voting for Windham's Registrar of Voters has this November is to include, or not include, a third Registrar. Any minor party or petitioning candidate who gets a third of the vote or more becomes Registrar in a three-way race, but the major party candidates become Registrar regardless of how many votes they gather – their seats are assured once placed on the ballot by their parties.
  • Voting, and the mechanics of voting, matter. Don't leave all the work to the major parties – support additional Registrars of Voters.


  • Ten years experience with voter data, post election audits, Moderating polling sites, and assisting Registrars in many towns across eastern Connecticut.  Currently employed as Regional Election Monitor for NECCOG region and serve at the pleasure of the Secretary of the State.
  • BS degree in Business Administration, Eastern Connecticut State University, Minor Data Processing.
  • Decades of computer experience with large data sets. Has worked in manufacturing as a Cost Accountant then Controller, in software utility industry as a Programmer and Sales Support specialist, in insurance industry as a programmer then calendar subject matter expert, in IBM as an Exchange e-mail and Calendaring subject matter expert. Has been downsized, outsourced, and globalized – but still good with data.
  • Active in local Government as outspoken advocate of participatory democracy through citizen involvement in appointed roles on boards and commissions.  Four years on Windham's Board of Finance, twice served on Charter Revision as Vice Chair.
  • Has assisted in multiple campaigns (over four different parties), with particular focus on working with registrars' voter data files. Familiar with the relational database structure and field meanings and has solid grasp on election history data and its uses.
  • Registered as a Green Party member since 2004 in Windham.
  • Analytical mind, obsessed with data.

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., cell: 860-617-1541



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