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Candidates for Co-Chair

Michael DeRosa

Candidate for Co-Chair
Hartford Chapter
Email: smderosa at cox dot net

I want your vote for co-chair. I want to thank all of you for your support in the past and I hope you will vote for me so that we continue to build the CT Green Party in 2015-2016. For the last year I have had the opportunity to work with a team of great officers that have led us to victory in the last election and have put the Green Party of CT on the political map in CT. I hope that you will return me and this winning team to the Executive Committee.

Some of my accomplishments:

  • Received over 24,000 votes for CT Secretary Of The State (2.3 % of the vote) during the CT’s 2014 state-wide election. This is one of the largest number of votes for an independent third party candidate in CT history. I was able to get our important messages out to many media outlets, including the internet, newspapers, radio, and TV programs. I and other EC members were able to develop a state committee to encourage, support and assist 23 CT Green candidates in their run for office during 2014.
  • Raised important state-wide and national issues during the CT SOTS election. These included support for: IRV, Proportional Representation for minor parties, and changes in election law and in the CT Campaign Finance law that protect and affirm our 1st and 14th amendment rights. I also spoke out strongly against our endless wars all over the world and made the connection between these illegal wars and poverty and economic stagnation in the U.S. and the development of the surveillance state. I supported Municipal Utility Districts (MUDs) as an alternative to corporate utilities that recent increased our electric rates by 30%. I also spoke out against Global Warming, opposed gas pipelines, and the fracking of oil and gas along with other Green Party issues. I also worked with other Greens by putting in a successful complaint with the State Elections Enforcement Commission to force a recount of Green write-in votes that were not counted in 2012 in six towns in CT.
  • During the recent election I also supported strongly the creation of a CT State Bank. This proposal could save CT hundreds of millions of dollars and would create jobs, economic development, and create low interest loans for students and would not cost CT a dime to implement.
  • Help to organize our recent GPCT legislative committee that submitted 11 bills to the CT General Assembly including a detailed bill for the creation of CT State Bank, two bills to reform our broken election laws, and a bill to create urban agriculture programs. We are in the process of getting hearings for this legislation and we are trying hard to gain support for passage of these 11 bills.
  • During the last year I have supported our chapters by attending many of their meetings and have made many attempts to set up campus chapters at UCONN and Wesleyan Universities. We expect that during the run up to the next presidential election that this work will create new Green chapters at many CT universities.
  • I was a litigant (along with the GPCT) against CT’s unfair and unconstitutional campaign finance law. Federal Judge Underhill of Bridgeport declared this law constitutional because of its violations of the GPCT’s political rights and opportunities. Unfortunately, a higher court in a 2 to 1 decision refused to reject the unconstitutional petitioning requirements in this law (230,000 or more valid signatures to get a full grant for a minor party, a requirement not applied to major parties). We did win important issues in this case and this is proven by the fact the State of CT paid our ACLU lawyers $1.2 million in legal fees related to our victories in this case.
  • I have reported at every state meeting about Green National Committee activities and I am a member of the national ballot access committee. I have also interacted with my fellow national Greens in a harmonious and professional way. I have steadfastly supported the ten key values and the platform of the Green Party of the U.S. on the GNC especially when it comes to illegal wars all over the world and our military misadventures in South and Central America.
  • I was a strong supporter of GPCT Presidential candidate in 2012 and I raise $5 thousand for our petitioning campaign from the national ballot access committee and the national party. Help set up a fund raiser that raise $5 thousand for Jill Stein’s Presidential campaign. I also ran in 2012 for Congress in CT’s 1st congressional district as a Green candidate and got almost 2% in that election and was invited to a lively debate on TV with Rep. John Larson and two other conservative candidates .
  • Co-Founder of the Green Party of CT

In 2015 if I am reelected I will work hard to make the Executive Committee, the SCC, and our Local Chapters democratic, independent, transparent, and effective. I will work hard to create new chapters especially at colleges and universities in CT. I will work hard to make sure that the Green Party of CT will support strongly a presidential run in 2016 and that we support peace, the environment, and economic development in CT and globally.

Rolf Maurer

Candidate for Co-Chair
Fairfield County Chapter
Email: maurer_rolf at yahoo dot com

I am formally submitting my 2015 candidacy for Co-Chair of the Green Party of Connecticut.

Having run for local and statewide offices representing the CTGP numerous times since 2009, most recently as Treasurer (write-in)/Comptroller, I have become all the more cognizant of the gulf between the reality of the local political landscape and the embittering public perception of it as framed within the confines of the major party dichotomy.

As an incumbent, I have and will continue to support efforts toward remedying this through participation in the legislative and other party committees, producing new articles/promotional materials, as well as continue to organize topical public events (public health reform, public banking, racism) addressing both under-recognized issues and more progressive, holistic perspectives on the more widely-recognized ones, that would clarify our distinct value to voters (particularly the some 40 percent who remain unafilliated) beyond dated hippie or “tree-hugger” caricatures.

Thank you,

Rolf Maurer

Tim McKee

Candidate for Co-Chair
New Haven Chapter
Email: timmckee321 at gmail dot com

I am announcing today my candidacy for both the National Committee of The Green Party and for the Co Chair of the State Party.

I have had the honor of serving as a National Committee member and attending almost every national meeting and Convention, usually at my own expense.

I am seeking to be the Co Chair of State Party this year. I know we can get much more done as far as growing the state party and reviving local chapters. My expertise is getting local candidates elected such as I did in Providence RI. I need your vote to help grow the party and please seek me out with any questions you may have at 203- 710-1056 (call or text) or email me at timmckee321 at gmail dot com

In service,

Tim McKee

Linda Thompson

Candidate for Co-Chair
Norwich Chapter
Email: Lthompson321 at aol dot com

I am announcing my candidacy for both the National Committee of The Green Party and for the Co Chair of the State Party.

I have served as a National Committee member for a year and as an alternate National Committee member this last year. There were three male national committee members this year and I think we need at least one female, maybe more. I have attended two of three national conventions in the recent past. I serve on the National Outreach Committee of the GPUSA.

I am again seeking to be the Co Chair of State Party as a female representative. As acting Co-Chair over the past year I built the newest CT. Chapter of the Green Party in Norwich CT. and have been serving as its coordinator. I was able to convince the Norwich Bulletin to have a Green Party weekly column which has been written by Scott Deshefy for over a year now. I have gotten two Op-Ed columns on the Green Party in the local Norwich Bulletin and written many letters which were published on topics of the day. This is because of my work developing good relations with the editor. I also have been collaborating with the new Waterford chapter and the New London chapter in Eastern Ct. to increase coordination. I have been successful in bringing NAACP members to the Green Party and organized a Norwich rally to protest the police killing of Michael Brown.

I held a Green Party fundraiser last December for the state party which raised over $500. I organized GP tabling at the New Bedford Bioneers conference and spoke as a representative of the Ct Green Party to the Mass. Green Rainbow Party's Annual Meeting. I have attended almost all of the executive committee meetings and SCC meetings. I think that anyone who runs for co-chair should have been attending the SCC meetings to keep abreast of events and help coordinate.

My goals are to continue to try to diversify the composition of the Ct. and National Green Party and to help develop its female leadership. My expertise is in coalition building and national perspectives since I have been active in the women's movement, a leader in the anti-war movement, a trade unionist until retired and have contacts all over the country which is important in developing national outreach. I am currently working on a national conference for independent political action with the National GP, the Peace and Freedom Party and other left groups that want to organize independently of the Democratic party. I would like to see us continue the good work of the past years leadership and continue to professionalize the state party by organizing standing outreach, membership, media and fundraising committees.

In Solidarity,

Linda Thompson

Candidates for USGP Representative

Michael DeRosa

Candidate for CT Representative to the Green Party of United States
Hartford Chapter
(See above)

Joshua Steele Kelly

Candidate for CT Representative to the Green Party of United States
Waterford Chapter
Email: joshuasteelekelly at gmail dot com

I am officially announcing my candidacy for the position of representative to the Green Party National Committee in the April 2015 elections.

For those of you who do not know me, my name is Josh Kelly; I am a Junior college student studying politics and music, and I am the current Co-Chair of the Waterford, CT Green Party and of the Young Greens of the United States.

As the Chairman and, recently, the Co-Chairman of the Waterford Chapter, I have overseen the growth and development of what has become an extremely active Green Party chapter. Since I was originally elected as Chairman, the population of registered Greens in the town has nearly doubled, and the attendance at regular, organized meetings has nearly tripled. The Waterford chapter has successfully hosted two benefit concerts that not only helped raise hundreds of dollars for charity drives helping Syrian refugees and those affected by the floods in the Balkans, but also helped engage the population at large with Green ideals. I helped the Waterford Chapter organize campaigning for the first ever Waterford Green to run for office in 2014, and I have been successfully working, since December, to assemble a team of Greens interested in running for town office in 2015. Under my direction, the Waterford Green Party has also been reaching out to East Lyme and Montville in an attempt to engage more Greens with the State Party and with local elections.

As Co-Chair of the Young Greens of the United States, I have been diligently working towards creating a solidified system that will help engage thousands of Greens across the US with their State parties and with Green-oriented activism both on and off college campuses. This system would create a standardized system for college chapters to be recognized by the Green Party, provide those groups with the resources they need to run regular meetings and promote Green values, and create state-specific forums for young Greens that would promote further engagement beyond school campuses.

As a representative from Connecticut to the Green National Committee, I would use the wisdom that I have gained from my position as Chairman of the Waterford Greens and the Young Greens to expand the horizons of the national Party to accomplish a great many things, including:

  • Harness the power and momentum that can be generated from college campuses in the United States, and ask the National Committee to invest more in creating college chapters around the country so that more individuals are exposed to our values from as young an age as possible.
  • Work to make the National Committee more efficient, transparent, responsible, and professional in any capacity that I can, as I believe these are simple qualities that the public deserves and should expect from a political party in which they choose to invest their time and trust.
  • Update and correct the GP website, so that the general populace may have one centralized location that they trust to be up-to-date for all when attempting to find information about the Green Party of the United States.
  • Convey the views and opinions of the Connecticut Greens to the National Committee as well as possible, and work diligently to make sure our voice is heard on all the issues discussed.

I also believe that Connecticut Greens would be better with more people actively engaged with the CT State Green Party. I have learned from my experiences with the Waterford and Young Greens that organizations are more efficient when more active individuals are involved, and I know that representative to the National Committee is a position that I can dedicate the necessary time towards, and I believe that the Co-Chairs would be able to execute the duties of their job better if they did not also hold the responsibilities of being a National Committee member at the same time. I hope that you will vote for me for National Committee Representative from Connecticut, so that the State Party may further embrace our shared value of Grassroots Democracy.

Lastly, it should be mentioned that I am currently in the process of applying to transfer to various schools in Connecticut (Wesleyan, Connecticut College, UConn) so that I may be a more active part of the CTGP, more present at SCC meetings, and more involved in Green-oriented campaigns within the state.

I hope that you will vote for me for National Committee member at the 2015 GPCT meeting this April!

Tim McKee

Candidate for CT Representative to the Green Party of United States
New Haven Chapter
(See above)

Linda Thompson

Candidate for CT Representative to the Green Party of United States
Norwich Chapter
(See above)

Candidates for Secretary

Barbara Barry

Candidate for Secretary
Hartford Chapter
Email: roseberry3 at cox dot net

Barbara Barry wants your vote for secretary of the Green Party of CT. I will continue to:

  • provide clear, concise and accurate GPCT records for transparency.
  • fair, reasonable and ethical leadership i.e. with compliance with U.S. and CT regulations and GPCT bylaws;
  • show respect for diversity which includes non-violence.
  • promote synergy among the GPCT chapters, members, SCC, EC and GPCT committees. Working together means “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. A political party candidate cannot exist without these groups.
  • promote liaisons with organizations with similar values or concerns with the GPCT;
  • promote GPCT growth and independence as a political party by periodically supporting and attending chapter meetings throughout CT and support of GPCT candidates.
  • develop and promote the GPCT legislative proposals. As GPCT secretary, I continue to seek feedback from GPCT members at SCC meetings and our annual meetings about what they wish this political party to focus on.
  • As an outgrowth of this, I and other GPCT members drew up legislative proposals for out CT 2015 legislators to address.
  • I drew up (with Paul Gobell) a proposal to have CT help promote urban/suburban/rural farming which is similar to the farm to table process. I and Paul are continuing to reach out to farm, orchard, agricultural organizations…especially not-for-profit organizations, who are our natural partners in this endeavor. This program would benefit children, adults, parolees and veterans who participate in this activity. They would be able to grow their own food to enhance their health, their skills and enjoyment. We will promote this until we get this project developed in the state. Right now, only a few municipalities are doing it…essentially at their own expense for the most part. Also there are numerous CT and US legislative regulations that have to be met. Paul’s Representative Lopes put in our proposal. I and S. Michael DeRosa (GPCT co-chairperson) met with the Environmental Committee, co-chairperson, Representative Albis, (Democrat of East Haven) on February 11, 2016. I addressed our reasoning of the proposal, goals and people who Paul and I think would benefit from this proposal. Rep. Albis agreed to have the Food Council (and CT legislative attorneys) review the feasibility of this proposal. I advised that we will be back this and next year to continue with our goals. Michael spoke with him about our GPCT constituency and support from voters.
  • I drew up (with S. Michael DeRosa) proposals to: to promote MUDs (municipal utility districts) in all 169 towns of CT. Currently only 6 towns/geographic areas have MUDs. Wallingford is the only current MUD who also owns and maintains its own power lines. Therefore, when we have had hurricanes and blizzards, Wallingford still had electricity for its residents and businesses. Additionally, the price of Wallingford electricity has for decades been 30-40% LOWER than CL&P or UI….even though all three must buy their energy from the same markets.
  • As a 1st time candidate for any political office, I had some challenges to overcome but also some familiar activities to do as the 11-4-14 GPCT candidate for the CT State Senate, District I (5/6 of Wethersfield and southern half of Hartford). As a Wethersfield resident for 22 years, I have kept abreast of activities that affect me and my neighbors in my town, state, country or world. Like most people, I developed thoughts and ideas which are just as valid as any other person. The 10 Key Values of the Green Party happened to be my values also. I have been politically active with the GPCT (and its candidates) in the community and politics of Hartford and Wethersfield. As the GPCT candidate, I promoted: a Wethersfield or regional MUD; sort to close Hartford’s waste-to-energy plant which uses old technology from when it was built around 1912. Decades of studies have shown it has been polluting the air and adversely affecting human/animal health. We can do better. Think renewable energy. More promotion of Wethersfield’s commercial development, is needed. By town charter, it is primarily a single-family resident community with limited commerce…despite appearances. Halt CT Campaign Finance Law which gives money to only the two major political parties. They have enacted campaign regulations for 3rd party candidates which cannot be achieved. Political historians have reviewed the 2005 CT Campaign regulations for governor, secretary of the state, attorney general, treasurer, state senate or state representative, etc. They have indicated no third political party candidate (since colonial times to present for any position including U.S. president) has garnered enough valid petitions to gain access to a ballot line. So the significant money goes to the D and R candidates, 50% or more have no election opponents and who usually are incumbents. Certainly, our elected officials can do more for us with less of our money. Campaign money is supposed to come from “unclaimed money” in CT banking facilities. But is that sufficient to support money to the D and R candidates? Example: the 2014 D and R governotoral candidates, each, received $6.5million from CT Campaign fund. Was there enough “unclaimed money” to cover this transaction and funds to other D and R candidates?
  • Promotion of a public bank for CT. This banking practice is currently used by 3.5 billion people and with a continuous profit in North Dakota. A Bank of CT would use our taxes, fees, revenue to promote businesses and activities within CT. The Bank of CT would work with CT banks and credit unions, supply low interest loans to them so low-cost loans could be supplied to CT residents and businesses. Examples: 1% loans for 5 years to CT businesses; low-interest student loans and support for in-home healthcare workers/ caregivers. Promote building and repairing of inspected infrastructures. Example: when the Wethersfield Cove (just west and under I-91) needed to be dredged to increase water depth from 4 to 12 feet. Wethersfield taxpayers provided $850,000 and $1.2 million came from CT for this. The work went to a NJ company. This money could have stayed in CT to support jobs and businesses, if a Bank of CT was used. This would also have kept our tax dollars within CT instead of it going out to (other states or overseas). Low cost loans would still provide profits to support the Bank of CT. It is not uncommon for Wall Street banking institutions to require 100% interest on infrastructure projects. E.g.: repair of the Oakland Bay Bridge (damaged during the San Francisco 1989 earthquake) cost more than $2billion with more than another $2billion for interest. CT has a significant number of financial workers who could continue to reside in CT and work for the Bank of CT.
  • I suggested and facilitated ten GPCT candidate conferences for 2014. Participants included past GPCT candidates who were also 2014 candidates. We shared knowledge and experiences about challenges facing a third party candidate and any candidate.

You may also follow me on Facebook: Barbara Barry for State Senate (via the GPCT website).

Barbara A. Barry, R.N., B.S.N.

Ronna Stuller

Candidate for Secretary
New London Chapter
Email: rstuller at snet dot net

A Green since 2004, I was New London chair from 2007-09 and now serve as chapter secretary. I am a producer-host of our long-running public access program “Thinking Green.” I designed and continue to maintain the New London Greens' website: www.nlgreens.org. I am a past member of the New London Board of Education, and currently serve on the Planning & Zoning Commission, as well as on the boards of local nonprofit organizations Thames Valley Sustainable Connections and Riverside Park Conservancy. I believe that my range of experience and communication skills can help the Green Party of CT grow into an effective political force for positive change.

As secretary of the New London chapter, I’ve learned to appreciate the importance of accurate, timely, respectful, and responsive communication. Serving at the state level, my goals are to improve how the SCC gathers, records, and disseminates information – with the national party, the state chapters, and all the individual Greens; to build an informal but efficient network that will support Connecticut Greens’ local activities and also allow us to mobilize for statewide efforts when the need arises; and to develop a successful strategy to achieve ballot access for the 2016 Green Party Presidential candidate.

Candidates for Treasurer

Chris Reilly

Candidate for Treasurer
Hartford Chapter
Email: cpr101 at hotmail dot com