ron sala

 (District 27 includes parts of Stamford and Darien--see map)


Have you had it with the usual political games of Democratic and Republican elected officials who have presided too long over the rich getting richer while the rest get poorer? Are you tired of the environment and human health being sacrificed for the profit of a few, and endless war threatening our lives and resources?


Ron Sala will represent your interests, not those of corporations and billionaires. Ron served 14 years as a parish minister and the past two caring for persons with mental illness and addiction. He has gotten to know many kinds of people, has seen their suffering and aspirations, and has advocated and worked for their freedom and happiness.


The current "Two Party System" has lost its legitimacy. Both parties, bought and controlled by unlmited contributions by corporate "persons" rather than flesh and blood persons like us, have steered us into economic, moral, and ecological peril. It's time for a new way. Roughly a third of the U.S. public do not identify with either of the two big parties. It's time we stand up for ourselves and our values!


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