Press Releases

Former Green Presidential Candidate Jill Stein Returns from International Greens Gathering to Participate in Two Connecticut Events This Month 17 April 2017
Jill Stein to Give Post-Inauguration Talk at February CT Green Party Fundraiser 25 January 2017
Bonnie Troy, Green Party Candidate, Earns CEP Funding 20 October 2016
Green Party Presidential Candidate Dr. Jill Stein Makes Stops in CT on Campus Tour 14 September 2016
Green Presidential Candidate Jill Stein Is on the Ballot in Connecticut 31 August 2016
Green Party Files Petitions to Put Stein on Ballot in Connecticut‏ 11 August 2016
Green Presidential Candidate Jill Stein to Speak at Stamford Ballot Rally 14 July 2016
Join the Green Committee of One Hundred Today! 01 June 2016
Presidential Candidate to Speak on “Endless War” and the 2016 Presidential Race 20 March 2015
Five Green Parties Unite to Fight Gas Pipeline Extension 12 June 2014
Possible Governor Candidate Pelto to Address Green Party 28 April 2014
Green Party of CT Blasts New Confusing Rules That Remove Third Party Candidates 17 November 2013
Greens Rally Candidates for Fall 2013: Presidential Candidate Dr. Jill Stein to Keynote 18 August 2013
Green Senate Candidate Makes Strong Showing in Lower Valley 08 November 2012
Dr. Jill Stein, Green Party Candidate for President, to Speak at Woodbridge CT Restaurant Fundraiser 24 June 2012
CT Greens Vote Dr. Jill Stein at State Convention 28 April 2012
Krayeske Top Vote-Winner in CT Green Leadership Election 04 May 2011
Petition Deadline Passes; Rolf Maurer To Run As Write-In Candidate 18 January 2011
Rolf Maurer To Run For McDonald's State Senate Seat 12 January 2011
Green Party: Audit Shows A "Broken Election System" 21 October 2010
AG Candidate Seeks to Revoke Debate Sponsor's Tax Exemption 10 October 2010
Deshefy: "Legalized Bribery" of Courtney and Peckinpaugh 24 September 2010
Deshefy: "Franken-Food" Issue Ignored By Cong. Courtney 21 September 2010
CT Greens To Announce, Rally Congressional Candidates 28 August 2010
Deshefy Blasts Courtney' Pro War Vote 28 July 2010
Derosa Calls Merrill's Remarks Confused And Troubling 27 July 2010
Greens Announce Don Alexander For State House District 64 23 July 2010
Green Party Blasts Bysiewicz's Spin on Uncontested Elections 29 June 2010
"Lunch Lady" Runs for Attorney General 17 May 2010
Negligence of America's Political Parties 12 May 2010
Fournier to Appear at Bar Association Candidate Forum 10 May 2010
CT Greens Welcome First Green UK Member Of Parliament 07 May 2010
Deshefy Open To Wind Power In Long Island 30 April 2010
CT Green Party Convention Nominates Candidates 24 April 2010
Ruthann "Rae" Johnson Files For Ct 9th State Senate Race 06 January 2010
CT Greens Still Push Nader After Dodd Quits 06 January 2010
CT Greens Rally "Nader For Senate" At Book Signing 25 November 2009
CT Greens Would Welcome Nader Run For Senate 17 November 2009
CT Greens To File Complaint That Write-In Vote Not Counted In State 12 November 2008
Green Party To File Complaint Over Ballot Size 04 November 2008
Write-In Candidates Challenge Five Stamford Incumbents 29 October 2008
CT Green Party Condemns Students Being Told They Only Have Two Candidates 14 October 2008
Deshefy, Greens To Protest 2nd District Congressional Debate Exclusion 06 October 2008
Green Party's Burbank Banned From House Debate 25 September 2008
Green Party Candidates Excluded From Debates 23 September 2008
Candidatos Del Partido Verde Excluidos De Los Debates 23 September 2008
Duffee, Green Party Candidate For Congress, On Ballot 05 September 2008
Duffee Candidato Electoral Por El Partido Verde Para El Congreso 05 September 2008
Human Rights Attorney Harold Burbank Named Green Party's 5th District Candidate 25 May 2008
Hartford Lawyer Files Papers For Congressional Candidacy 01 May 2008
Cynthia McKinney Wins CT Green Party Vote for President 28 April 2008
CT Green Party Convention to Vote for Presidential Candidates 28 April 2008
Deshefy Accepts Nomination of Greens' 2nd Congressional District Convention 13 April 2008
Greens to Hold First Ever 2nd Congressional District Convention 08 April 2008
Green Party Nominates Richard Duffee in 4th District 14 January 2008
Two Vie for Green Nomination 02 January 2008
Green Party Considers Run for Congress in 4th District 10 December 2007
Scott Deshefy 'explores' Race For Congress In 2nd District 07 December 2007
Brison heads 'Green' upset in city 07 November 2007
De Smet Wins Windham First Selectman Race 06 November 2007
CT Greens Welcome Nader and Elaine Brown to 2008 Presidential Run 14 February 2007
Health Care for All? Not with M. Jodi Rell 06 November 2006
Cliff Thornton Wins School's Mock Election 06 November 2006
Burton Demands Shutdown of Millsstone and Indian Point 31 October 2006
Connecticut Green Party Clarifies Endorsement of Diane Farrell for Congress 31 October 2006
Ralph Nader to Offer Endorsements for Greens in Connecticut 30 October 2006
Civil Marriage Pioneer Mayor Jason West to Visit Connecticut 23 October 2006
Connecticut Green Party Announces Endorsement of Diane Farrell for Congress 23 October 2006
Let Cliff Debate! 17 October 2006
Eliminate Tuition, Thornton Says in New TV Commercial 11 October 2006
Thornton to Protest Exclusion from Statewide Gubernatorial Debates 06 October 2006
Democracy Prevails, Thornton Invited by LWV to Join CT Gubernatorial Debate 25 September 2006
Thornton Video Ad Calls for Free Higher Education 25 September 2006
Thornton Announces Running Mate, Jean M. de Smet 18 September 2006
Connecticut Greens, Thornton for Governor, Ferrucci for Senate Top 13,000 Signatures 09 August 2006
Thornton for CT Governor: "Use Lottery to Fund Free College Tuition" 27 June 2006
Thornton: "Cocaine Use Has Double-Standard as Seen in Bridgeport Mayor Case" 22 June 2006
Thornton for Governor of CT: Is Getting the Guns off the Streets Really the Answer? 31 May 2006
Thornton, Ferrucci Top Ticket at Green's State Convention 24 April 2006
Connecticut Greens to Hold State Convention April 22 31 March 2006
Drug War Opponent to Speak at Burroughs Center 11 January 2006
CT Greens Applaud RI Medical Marijuana Passage 05 January 2006
Connecticut Greens to Sue Over New Discriminatory Campaign Finance Reform Laws 28 December 2005
Greens Outraged at Anti-Third Party Provisions of Democrat Campaign Finance Proposal 03 December 2005
Connecticut Greens Show Gains in 2005 Elections 11 November 2005
Playwright Bill C. Davis Opens "Dialogues" in Kent 01 August 2005
Nuclear War and Nuclear Power – Where Are We Now? 19 July 2005
Connecticut Greens Condemn GE Image Campaign 18 May 2005
Connecticut Greens to Stress Growth at State Convention 11 April 2005
CT Greens Push for Races Against Senator Lieberman, Governor Rell and Others in 2006 28 March 2005
Green Party to Hold State Wide Planning Session 12 January 2005
Connecticut Greens Gain in Local and State Voters 07 November 2004
Green Party of Connecticut - Annual Meeting and Election of Officers 02 March 2004
Greens Welcome Gay Marriage Ruling 05 June 2003
CT Greens Oppose UN Resolution Legitimizing US Invasion & Iraq Occupation 05 June 2003
Election-day Voter Registration Would be a Victory for Democracy in Connecticut 30 May 2003
Greens: Computer Voting Systems Must Ensure Democracy & Accuracy 28 May 2003
If FCC Rules in Favor of Corporations, the Public and Our Democracy Lose 06 May 2003
Pentagon Policy Makes Iraqi Lives Expendable, Say Greens 10 April 2003
Connecticut Green Party Denounces Bush's War 18 March 2003
Green Party Decries Unfair State Budget; "With Democrats like these, who needs Republicans?" 05 March 2003
Greens Call on the U.N. to Avert Bush's War With Iraq 14 February 2003
New Haven Board of Aldermen Passes Anti-War Resolution 22 October 2002
Sierra Club Endorses Penny Teal 19 October 2002
Nader to Endorse CT Green Party Candidates 18 October 2002
Connecticut Greens Oppose War With Iraq 11 October 2002
Penny Teal Endorsed by National Organization of Women 16 September 2002
Ralph Nader's "People Have the Power Tour" Arrives in New Haven, CT 22 May 2002
State Senate Candidate Mike DeRosa Denied Ballot Status By Secretary of State 07 May 2002
Pillsbury Blasts DeLauro's Votes for Corporate Welfare 06 May 2002
Green Party Condemns Sooty Six Veto 26 June 2001
Green Party Calls for Pesticide-Free No-Spray Zones 03 June 2001
Acclaimed author James Howard Kunstler to appear in Torrington 14 May 2001
Greens Dismiss Bush Voucher Plan 27 January 2001
Connecticut Green Party Slams Ashcroft Nomination 19 January 2001
CT Green Party Celebrates Defeat Of Long Wharf Mall 14 December 2000
Local Green Party Urges State Electoral Reforms 29 November 2000
Greens Ask Governor to call Emergency Session 23 September 2000
Press Conference at the Connecticut State Green Party Convention 28 October 1999
Ralph Nader Endorses Elizabeth Horton-Sheff 28 October 1999
Ben Wojan announces his candidacy for West Hartford City Council 28 October 1999
Ralph Nader To Speak Out Against Stadium 28 December 1998